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Hugo is amazing, the food is outstanding; THE BEST!  View La Ciudad on WGN Chicago’s Best on Sunday, July 17, 2016 at 10:00p.m.

Sneak Peek: Our next Local Business Spotlight featuring Buena Park and Uptown businesses is coming soon! We got a little taste of La Ciudad Mexican Cafe & Grill, a local Mexican restaurant in Uptown.
Our tip to you: Try the Carne Asada, you won’t be disappointed.

Photo credit:  Paula Boyle Photography

La Ciudad (4515 N. Sheridan)

It’s romantic, cozy, the food is amazing, and the owner is so kind and welcoming. Oh yeah, BYOB too, always a plus! Nicole Vasquez, The REAL Chicago Winter 2015


From first sight, within a strip mall of pawn shops and iron bar-covered windows, this newcomer is not the most inviting. But walk through the doors, and things sure change. This little BYOC (cervezas) is not your typical, grubby taqueria. Fire engine walls are modestly dotted with black and white prints of D.F.
The food is as pleasant a surprise as the interior; appetizers like plump shrimp with corn salsa and chipotle cream demonstrate the kitchen’s ability to think outside the quesadilla box. Go all out with the parilla-a plate brimming with chicken, steak, chorizo, and cactus salad. One upside of this dicey ‘hood is liquor stores are plentiful and reasonable. You bring the tequila, they’ll provide the lime.

REDEYE..a Metromix Special

Their eats: Don’t go looking for kitschy sombreros, lacquered maracas or any other prescribed trappings of a casual Mexican restaurant at sleek new Uptown BYOB La Ciudad. Hugo De La Rosa wanted to create a more modern vibe in the contemporary 40-seat eatery, and the result is an unexpectedly stylish spot in an otherwise unremarkable strip mall.
The name, La Ciudad (the city), is a nod to Hugo’s hometown of Mexico City, and his pride is evident on the menu and in the dining room: White, red and green, the colors of the Mexican flag, dominate the decor, and the letters D.F. (the abbreviation for Distrito Federal, a reference to the capital area) are prominently displayed on the mod counter at the back of the restaurant. An affordable menu features traditional entrees such as Carne Asada, Taco Dinners and the like. Guacamole and Ceviche are among the top recommendations; both are crowd favorites.
The city theme means you’ll also find a handful of choices inspired by street foods commonly found in Mexico City. If you are serious about the street eats, try the creative Chilango Burger (Chilango is slang for a person who hails from Mexico City).

Your Drinks: This food’s meant to be convenient and casual, so keep things simple and pick up a bottle of Jose Curevo from Jewel Osco (4355 N Sheridan Rd) down the street. La Ciudad charges a corkage fee per bottle, but servers will hook you up with ice, limes and salt for no additional charge. Emily Hiser Lobdell, January 28, 2010